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Accelerate your corporate operations with a totally stable and secure service, also receive 24/7 VIP assistance in case of any incident, Your business always Up! Hundreds of Small and Medium Entrepreneurs already trust their operations in our network. Use it as a primary or backup service.

Our wireless service of up to 100Mbps is for unlimited consumption, without speed reduction, without credit check or price increase, we also monitor the network 24/7 and our certified team will be available to you for any need.

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Unlimited Transfer
Wifi Router
24/7 Support


Unlimited Transfer
Wifi Router
24/7 Support


Unlimited Transfer
Wifi Router
24/7 Support


Unlimited Transfer
Wifi Router
24/7 Support

Notas Adicionales
  • Activation cost of $ 125 with 2-year contract | $149.95 with 1-year contract.
  • Add Static IP service for an additional $ 24.95 in your monthly fee.
Telefonía VOIP

With our Voice over the Internet technology you can take your business number to your smartphone, tablet or even on a computer; make and receive calls from anywhere.

You can make conferences and call recordings, configure your voice mailbox and manage your own call center with a virtual IVR operator from the reception console.

Transporte y Cloud

Wireless Internet and Private data transport from 1MBps to +10GBps. Our network uses OSPF & BGP routing over MPLS / VPLS. Configure your internal network.


Connect branches and franchises via cloud; keep your most valuable information secure in the cloud.

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