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Connect it all! share whatever you want on social networks, watch your favorite videos, series and movies, play online, work from home or study online without lag and without interruptions!

Our wireless service of up to 30MBps is Super Stable, buy it with contract of only 1 year or without contract, without credit checks, without speed reductions or price increases, in addition our certified technical team monitors the network 24/7.

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Notas Adicionales
  • Regular activation cost: $ 49.95 with 1 year contract.
  • Activation cost without contract: $ 124.95
  • Not apply to Culebra & Vieques. (See plans HERE)
  • 15 days of satisfaction guaranteed!
  • *Offer: WiFi router included without cost when subscribing to auto pay.
  • To guarantee the availability of the plans in your locality, a previous coverage check will be made.
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  1. Choose your location manually by dragging the red icon to the town where you live.
  2. Keep the icon with you, dragging it to position it in the exact location of the residence.
  3. After you find your location, fill out the rest of the form.

*The coordinates are automatically added to the form.

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